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2006 - 2007
design, architecture, research, install, event, public domain
to construct a portable and adaptable infrastructure to give to capacity to cultural workshops and actions. to work in public space.
david juarez latimer-knowles
eduard llorens pujol
joan escofet planas
josep saldaņa cavallé
michele pecoraro
xavi manzanares
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"the effective use of science principles in the conscious design of our surroundings, to help the Earth finite resources satisfy the necessities of all humanity, without the interruption of the ecological processes of the planet."
R. Buckminster Fuller - 1954 -
Life Between Artifact and Nature: Design and the Environmental Challenge

"instantaneous architectural response to a particular problem is too slow. architecture must concern itself continually with the social beneficial distortion of the environment. like medicine it must move from the curative to the preventive. architecture should have little to do with problem solving - rather it should create desirable conditions and opportunities hitherto thought impossible."
cedric price - from the project *generator

what we want to construct is a geodesic dome according to one of the models of buckminster fuller that will allow us the assembly, in less than a day, of a completely conditioned habitat practically in any place, indoors as outdoors. the geodesic dome is considered one of the most efficient structures in the relation mass/resistance, which makes it ideal for ephemeral and transportable installations.

the portable infrastructure is part of a spherical space of about 10 meters of diameter and around 80 square meters that can be placed and replaced itself in a more or less open form, according to the height in which its base line is arranged and depending on the tangential spaces which it serves. just is to say that this infrastructure wants to be the first step towards a possible organic growth that can modularly increase its dimensions and their number .


chung fu
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