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2004 - 2005
design, architecture, dv / dvd, recent / highlighted
euromed s.a.
reform of two industrial buildings and its immediate surroundings
david juarez latimer-knowles
enrique moragas moreno
joan escofet planas
michele pecoraro
xavi manzanares
polígono industrial can magarola, mollet del vallés, barcelona
> see video of construction process

the comission was to remodel the outer part of two industrial buildings, dedicated to the extraction of active principles of medicinal plants, including 3.000 square meters facade, fence and lighting installation, as well as of some interior spaces, such as the laboratories lobby and part of the offices. facing the will of the clients to renew the appearance of thier facilities, we proposed to explore the plastic potential of the raw materials they use in their productive activity. this is one of the cases that we also took the part of contractors and managed to finish the construction within the deadline, less than six months, and respecting the original budget.

chung fu
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