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institut d'urbanisme, habitatge i activitats locals ( ihual ) - diputació de barcelona
urban research project for the transformation to the industrial spaces of sant bartomeu del grau - barcelona
david juarez latimer-knowles
joan escofet planas
josep saldaña cavallé
sergio moreno páez
observatori sbg
> final document v1.0 [zip -27.4M]
> poster meeting june 2006 [pdf-7.5M]
> meeting june 2006
> transcriptions of the open workshop - june 2006 [pdf]

this work is located on a existing site that has lost the primary usage that gave it shape in the past. we perceive the urban transformation of this space, now in disuse, as a process in time which has already begun. it is in this sense that we value the opportunity to create the tools and spaces needed for a schedule of temporary uses for the nearly 100.000 square meters industrial building, thus remove the urban uncertainty and stop the deterioration and abandonment of facilities and environment, activating the local economy and social life while the necesary urbanistic and legal processes try to define its future.


research goals include:

- context:
the specific industrial site and its surroundings in the beginnings of the twenty first century.
- temporary uses:
evaluation of the opportunity for a program of temporary uses on the site, wich aims to re-activate the local economy.
- areas of development:
the urban transformation as a process that goes through different spheres of action and participation.
- spaces:
identification and initial assessment of the available spaces. intervention proposal.
- agents:
map of actors and existing networks with possible involvement in the project.

we understand this analysis as a tool to be used for continuing this exciting process of transformation. is not a finalist tool, the urban ecosystem is the result of many variables, and one of them may be this space for economic activity and citizen participation, acting glocally. that's the reason for the effort invested in communication and documentation, used as a working methodology, with a networked working platform called 'observatori sbg'.

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