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2006 - 2007
design, web, print, dv / dvd, research, install, graphic, content, hypermedia, event, public domain
associació nau21: ... + openfridays + context + straddle3 + saladestar + xinacitta
towards a new public domain: creative spaces + production spaces + social spaces
+ ...
blanca palou de comasema
joan escofet planas
josep saldaña cavallé
lluc mayol
lupe garcía
margarita pineda
oriol pont
oscar guayabero
víctor f. puntes
> dossier v0.3 [pdf-7.5Mb]
> panel 1 [pdf-24Mb]
> panel 2 [pdf-63Mb]
> pamflet v 0.1 [pdf-1Mb]
> un alegato por can ricart [pdf-91kb]
> auca - un al.legat per can ricart [pdf 1,9Mb]
> un al.legat al patrimoni [pdf-54kb]
> network

nau21 is a citizen, collaborative and independent grassroot project that conforms a structure of creative nodes (individual or collective) that puts in network to be able to give a service to the creators (in sciences, arts and technologies) of the city, understanding that all civilized citizen is a scientist, an artist and a technologist, because , by nature, we all observe, interpretate and construct, and by culture, we optimize. we wanna do it better.

we converge:
a common past: memory and experience
an ever-flowing present: constant collaboration and adaptability
and a projection into the future: public domain.

we build:
a working space for creation and production
a confluence space for participation and collaboration
and exhibition and communication spaces

chung fu
[ s3(at) ]: