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casa de cielo
cielo del pozo
reform of an attic in the old district of barcelona
amaya fernandez
david juarez latimer-knowles
barri de la ribera, barcelona

Taking maximum advantage of the available space.

A reform of the attic of a housing building in the old district of Barcelona. It is old and very small, with tiny windows that communicate with a huge terrace with magnificent views over the gothic cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar.

The customer has two jobs, one of them related to fashion, so she needs a big closet; nevertheless she never eats at home, so the kitchen may be a minimum piece, whereas she wants a great bathroom with much light.

with just 30 sqare meters, we need a mezzanine, in which we decide to place the bedroom. The height does not give for two plants, but the ground of the house is built on a preexisting terrace, so can break it in some point and obtain enough height.

At the entrance we concentrate the different uses: the bath on the left, on the right, lowering 3 steps the closet and laundry, ahead -- as extension of the livingroom -- the kitchen, and over our heads the mezzanine with the bed.

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