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design, web, architecture, print, dv / dvd, graphic, content
joan balanzˇ cerdÓ
transformating an art gallery into a house of meals and actions
david juarez latimer-knowles
joan escofet planas
paako abril
pedro puertas herrera
doctor dou 10 - barcelona 08001

The former Carlos Poy's art gallery was the place where came with the idea of incorporate new technologies with pans and pots.

What it allowed us to merge everything in a same concept was to consider the fact of cooking as another way of communication. A place where it had sense to get fed with the interventions, a place that belonged to the moving currents of the city.

straddle3 produced an infrastructure that allowed this interaction. Developing all the process necessary to materialize the architecture, the image and the parallel Website.
To achive this we leaned in the different parts of the process and generated the material that gave unity to the project. The starting point was the construction of the architecture, where each element generated a particular nook. From this point we developed a Website that allowed to make an exercise of analogy between the different spots and the actions to come, to end with the graphical image that decontextualized some elements and constructed new meanings.

chung fu
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