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terrasses moll
associaciķ de comerciants del moll de la fusta
terraces of the 'Moll de la Fusta', Barcelona
amaya fernandez
david juarez latimer-knowles
Moll de Bosch i Alsina s/n, bcn.

In year 1997 we undertake this project of public intervention in the missing terraces of the Moll de la Fusta in Barcelona's Old Port.

The requisites of the project were to preserve the transparency between the boulevard and the port, and to offer the possibility of remove the solar protections.
General image of simplicity and lightness, enviromental integration and marine character; they are all indissoluble aspects that ruled the development of the project.

We covered part of the surface of the terraces with a moveable protection. We used a retractable shader, supported by a simple metal framework which diminished the impact on the boulevard.

The new structure shared with the existing pavilions the material (laminated wood for the horizontal structure, in reference to the former use of the wharf) and the rhythm , reflection of the structure in which they lean, trying the difficult task of naturally mediate in a formally intense zone.

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